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The Power of Joy

Hello beloved people!  What a time we are in right now world-wide. It is hard to know what to say because no one alive has ever gone through such a time as this.  I have wanted to post something encouraging and uplifting, but I felt as though I didn’t have anything additional to contribute because so many churches and ministries are already doing that.  And I have been partaking of many of them myself to keep my faith strong and stay encouraged.  I am still not sure what to say, but I am just going to trust the Lord and let Him lead me here, because He knows what to say and who will be reading this.

I sense in my spirit that He wants to talk about joy, and the power of joy.  He is reminding me of many times in my life where joy, Godly joy, got me through some times in the natural that the world would consider “not so joyful.”  In fact, most of the world would consider those times quite grievious.  The main time I am thinking of is the passing of my mother.  She was the one I learned joyfulness from.  She loved to laugh, and she thoroughly enjoyed making others laugh.  She had gone through some really tough times in her own life.  For example, she was born and raised in Berlin, Germany.  She was approximately 9 years old when WWll started, and 15 years old when it was over.  I won’t go into the stories she told us kids right now, but suffice it to say it was horrific.  It was worse than a virus pandemic.  However, she had learned to not grieve over those times.  There was no reason to.  Everyone she knew went through it just the same as her and her family.  All of the family survived, and a few years afterwards, life returned to normal for the most part, the exception being the dividing of Berlin into occupied West and East.

In 2011, my Mom came to live with me after it was revealed that she was ill.  I am not going to go into that back story right now, either.  I was happy that she agreed to come to my house and let me and my older sister take care of her.  At first, we didn’t know that she would depart for Heaven from here.  But the Lord had showed me in an open vision, after approximately 4 months, that Mom had decided to go there.  So when that day came, it wasn’t a shock to me that she had left.  I wasn’t upset at all, and I just took care of what needed to be done.  I knew where she was and that she was very happy to be with the Lord, and out of a body that no longer functioned.  The “going home” service was one of celebration and good memories, even though we all missed her very much.  We all knew we weren’t burying her, just her Earth suit. And that she was now in our future.  I so clearly remember all of us at a well known buffet style restaurant after the service.  We had such joy and peace. It almost seemed as though she was right there with us.

I was appointed by the court to be the representative of the estate. That took about a year, I think a bit longer, to go through that process.  And after all of that was done and behind me, about 2 years after in 2015, I began to wonder why I didn’t grieve.  I started to ponder that and think that maybe something was wrong with me.  Actually, I had 2 questions going on in my heart.  The first one was why didn’t I grieve. I mean the world shows us that we are supposed to grieve after the passing of a loved one, right?  And the second question was “why didn’t Mom get healed?”  She believed in healing.  We all believed in healing.  I didn’t realize at first that the devil was trying to plant wrong thoughts in my head.  But God! God is so gracious and loving!

In 2015, the Lord led me to 2 separate video teachings to answer those 2 questions.  I wasn’t looking for them….He just led me to them and they answered my questions.  Not only did they answer my questions, but they brought peace to my soul.  I found out that we are not supposed to grieve.  Grief is of the enemy.  Yes, we can miss our loved ones. But grief opens the door to satan and his evil works.  And the other thing is that we can depart this world in faith no matter what the circumstances are.  Through these 2 videos, the Lord showed me that it was joy that prevailed and got me through that time.

I don’t know what you believe or where you are in your faith walk.  But I do know this…..our God is an awesome God.  He gives us peace that is beyond our comprehension.  And in this time we are in now, I choose to stay in His peace.  It is the only safe place, good times or bad times.

So what am I saying?  Put your faith and trust in God.  He loves you. He sent His Son, Jesus, to be the one and only sacrifice you will ever need.  It does not matter what your past is.  He is so ready to be all that you need in whatever circumstance.  He will get you through whatever is going on.  All you have to do is just receive Him. That’s it. No performance, no trying to clean up first. Just receive what He has already done.

If you don’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord, it is so easy and simple to come to Him and receive all He has done for us all.  Just pray this, “Jesus I believe You came, died for my sins, and was ressurected for me. I confess all of my sins.  Please take my life and do something amazing with it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

If you just prayed that, please let me be the first to say, “Welcome to the family!”  I, for one, am so glad that you are now my brother/sister in the Lord!  I always have room for more family….even more so the Lord!  Amen!  If you don’t have a church, ask the Lord to lead you to one that teaches the Bible without compromise.  And in closing, I say this: God loves you, I love you, and Jesus Is Lord!

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Beloved, Just Come Home

I apologize that I haven’t posted anything for several weeks.  It isn’t that I haven’t sat down to do so, but everything I started to write just didn’t seem to go anywhere, or it just didn’t seem to matter for lack of a better way of putting it. I really don’t know what to “chalk it up as” to be honest.  I have found myself spending a good deal of time reflecting and reviewing many things in my own life, and just sitting and letting the Lord show me things and letting Him answer so many questions in my heart.  Perhaps I’ll be released to talk about that in another post.

What’s really been on my heart today is the love of our Father God for us all, and His desire for all people to come to Him.  He really and truly does love us! And He gave us Jesus to prove it.

One of the things I’ve been reflecting on is where He brought me from.  I grew up in a Christian home. I went to Christian schools until I started high school. My parents saw to it that I was as sheltered (protected) from the world and its ways the best they knew how. And God bless them for doing so, and I am so very thankful for my parents. I love them and miss them, and look forward to seeing them in Heaven very soon.

But at the age of 14, I chose to go the opposite way.  I went completely rogue and rebel on my parents.  I won’t go into details now, but I stayed on that path until the age of 26. That’s when my life, and my way of doing things, completely caved in around me.  And I got a little taste of what hell would be like. No I didn’t die, but I sure wanted to and even tried to. But God stepped in and said, “I love you. Just come home.”  No, I didn’t realize that in the moment, but I saw it later after I gave my life to Him.

See, back then I thought it was too late for me.  I had sinned too much, and had done too much evil for God to ever take me back or accept me. In my mind it was over. Life as I knew it was over! But God said, “No, it’s not too late. This is the very reason I sent My Son, Jesus.”

And I have been reminded recently of the story of the prodigal son that Jesus told in the gospels.  The father did not care where that son had been, or what that son had done. He was just happy that he came home. And not only was he happy, he treated that wayward son as if he had never done anything wrong. It wasn’t too late for him.  That is how our amazing and awesome Heavenly Father sees us! He is eagerly and expectantly waiting for us to come home. And He is waiting with open arms to receive us! It does not matter what we’ve done.  All we have to do is humble ourselves before Him.  He is gracious, loving and kind! He is good and His mercy endures forever!

It took me a very long time to really let this settle into my heart and believe it.  But three different accounts in Scripture helped me to lay ahold of this.  One was King David after he had committed adultery with Bathsheba, and then had her husband killed to try to cover it up.  But he was convicted in his heart through the prophet Nathan, then humbled himself and repented before the Lord. The second was the story of the prodigal son which I already spoke of. And the third account was the woman mentioned in John chapter 8 who had been caught in adultery, but Jesus released her even though He was the only one without sin and had full and legal right to throw that first stone.

Beloved, If you have wandered away from God, or even if you have never known God at all, it is NOT too late!  Just come home.  He is eagerly waiting to receive you,and call you His own. He won’t make you or force you. You have to choose. Choose love….God is love! He has already chosen you!

I will be praying for you, and I want to meet and see you in Heaven. Will you be there?


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God Really IS Love!

Many years ago, back in 1995, the very first revelation I received from studying the Bible was that God not only has love for us, but that He is love.  I was a new believer, just a few months into my new journey with the Lord.

I had already come across 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 where Paul talks about what love is and what love does and doesn’t do.  I loved that passage of Scripture (and still do very much). I don’t recall how much time had passed by, a few months perhaps, but one day I found myself reading the 1st Epistle of John.  As I was going through it, I noticed that John wrote more than once that God is love.  I began to meditate on those words.  And as I did, I began thinking that if God is love, then love is God.  I can’t separate the two….they are one in the same.  Then the Lord started showing me that anywhere I saw the word “God,” I could also use the word “Love.”  And vice versa, anywhere I saw the word “love,” I could also use the word “God.”

Then 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 came back up in me.  So I went over there and read it again. I was using the older version of the NIV at the time.  And then I read it again using the word “God” in the place of love.  It totally transformed me and how I viewed God!  See, I used to be afraid of Him, as in scared.  Afraid that if I messed up in any way at all, He was going to condemn me to hell forever.  I didn’t know or understand the love He has for us at the first part of my salvation.  But when I read His Word in the light of this new revelation, I wasn’t scared or afraid of Him anymore.  I realized He wasn’t going to condemn me to hell or beat me over the head. No!  Love doesn’t condemn, love gives!

Here is how 1 Cor. 13:4-8 in the older NIV translation says it, with my line-by-line breakdown:

Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy, love does not boast. Love is not proud, love does not dishonor others. Love is not rude, love is not self-seeking. Love is not easily angered, love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, love rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, love always trusts, love always hopes, love always perserveres. Love never fails!

And here it is with “God” inserted every where the word “love” is:

God is patient, God is kind. God does not envy, God does not boast. God is not proud, God does not dishonor others. God is not rude, God is not self-seeking.  God is not easily angered, God keeps no record of wrongs.  God does not delight in evil, God rejoices with the truth. God always protects, God always trusts, God always hopes, God always perserveres. God never fails!

Isn’t that awesome?!  He really does love us as children.  He didn’t approve or like what I had been doing before I got saved, but that didn’t change His love for me. And the same is true for all people.  He loves you as a father whether you believe it or not, know it or not, and even want it or not.  Maybe you have children. All of us have been children. As a parent, you may not like some things your children do, but you don’t stop loving them because of it.  And as a child or former child, maybe you messed up (and maybe more than once like me), but your parents didn’t cast you away.  And if they did, you have a Father in Heaven who will never cast you away if you go to Him.

He really IS LOVE!  He really IS GOOD!  And His mercy really DOES endure forever! Believe His love for you, and receive His love today! If you would like to receive Jesus into your heart and life, please go to my  Prayers page. And if you would like prayer for anything, please feel free to contact me here: Contact Us

You are greatly and dearly loved!  Be blessed today!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m really excited to be spending this Thanksgiving with my family once again.  God has blessed our small family over the years, and He continues to do so.  He’s even giving us sunny skies, 60 degree weather AND a full moon this year. Perfection – He is perfect!

While all of that is wonderful and exciting, I cannot and will not forget the true reason we even have this holiday.  We the people of the United States of America have been given a land where we are free to worship and praise our God freely and without restriction.  All praise be unto God, our Father!

I believe it is fitting that Veteran’s Day is also celebrated in November.  Many fine soldiers fought and even sacrificed their lives to defend and keep the freedom we all enjoy in this country today.

I would like to encourage those who read this, to just take a moment or two, to  remember God and give a heartfelt thanks to Him for all He has done for us, and for this country.  Then go enjoy your family, friends, football and the Macy’s parade, and be thankful for all of them, too. God wants you to have fun and enjoy yourself! ♥

Psalm 118:1 (NIV) Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good: His love endures forever.

He really IS good!  Be blessed in Jesus’ Name!